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      Weekend Seon Meditation Practice
   ▶ New believers class: Third weekend of every month (one night, two days)
   ▶ Current practitioners' class: Fourth weekend of every month (Two days, one night)
   ▶ Admittance: Anybody who wants to practice meditation.
   ▶ Reservation: www.gilsangsa.or.kr / www.kilsangsa.or.kr / www.clean94.or.kr /
   ▶ Application: Closes 2 days prior to start (payment accepted until 3pm Thursday)
   ▶ Participation Fee: 50,000 won per person
   ▶ What to bring: Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), towels, socks, warm clothes, comfortable T-shirts
                            and footwear, writing instruments
   ▶ How to get to Gilsangsa:
       Seoul Subway Line 4 (Blue Line), Hanseong University station, exit 6. → Take the shuttle bus for Gilsangsa
       (※ Shuttle bus stops in front of Dongwon Mart, located 50m from the subway station exit)
   ▶ Contact: Malgo Hyanggiropge 82-02-741-4696~7 / Gilsangsa 82-02-3672-5945

Rules for Temple Stay Participants
   1. Please keep silent and turn off your cell phone for the duration of the program.
   2. Please do not miss any services and meals and try to follow the schedule.
   3. Please refrain from drinking/smoking and do not eat any snacks outside of the main meals.
   4. Please follow your guide teacher's directions for conducting the program.
   5. Please do not act individually on the grounds of personal religious beliefs.

   ▶ First day
Time Program
15:00~15:30 Arrival & Registration
15:40~16:20 Learning temple etiquette and about Buddhism
16:30~17:00 Opening ceremony
17:00~17:30 Dinner
17:40~18:00 Learning about Buddhist services
18:00~18:40 Evening Buddhist service
18:50~19:50 Learning sitting meditation and religious practice of Buddhists
20:00~21:00 Learning about candle meditation
21:10~22:00 Candle meditation/Sitting meditation
22:00 Bed time

   ▶Second day
Time Program
03:45~04:00 Wake up
04:10~04:50 Pre-dawn Buddhist service
05:00~06:00 108 bows/Sitting meditation
06:00~07:00 Breakfast
07:00~07:50 Ulyeok (community work) / Walking meditation
08:00~08:50 Learning Buddhist doctrine / Sitting meditation
09:00~09:50 Sitting meditation
10:00~10:40 Seon exercises
10:50~11:30 Tea ceremony / Sitting meditation
11:30~12:20 Lunch
12:20~13:20 Sitting meditation
13:20~14:40 Teatime & conversation with the guide teacher
14:50~15:10 Writing
15:20~15:50 Closing ceremony

※ The program listed above may change according to changing circumstances.

      Summer Special Seon Meditation Practice

   This retreat is an opportunity to obtain pure wisdom and quiet pleasure, being free from worldly desires in the mountain
   The schedule will be posted on the web site's notice board around the vacation season

   ▶ Duration : three days, four days
   ▶ Open to the general public (including elementary and junior and high school students)
      Temple Stay program for groups

   Please consult with the person in charge after submitting your application.

   ▶ Duration: One night, two days
   ▶ Open to groups of more than 20

      Temple Life

   The Temple Life program is open to anyone who wishes to experience Korean Buddhist culture in the space of 2-4 hours.
   This program includes making lotus lanterns, making prayer beads (rosary), text printing from wood blocks, tea ceremony,
    traditional temple meals and so on.